Freshel WHITE C

Freshel White C

Instant skin care for busy women.
“Instant Penetration” Moisturizing and Whitening.

You want to look beautiful forever, but you may realize that you have forgotten to take the time to care for yourself. Carelessly exposing yourself to the sun has resulted in dark spots appearing on your skin. Freshel White C will help busy women solve this problem. The Instant Penetration Moisturizing Whitening Series softens the hardened surface of the stratum corneum dried by exposure to UV rays with an exfoliating and moisturizing fruit acid mixture and quickly and reliably delivers permeable vitamin C. This series offers all-in-one instant solutions for particularly busy days. So, why not start total whitening care with Freshel White C, the simple step that helps busy women look beautiful?

Active whitening ingredient:
Penetrating vitamin C
Moisturizing ingredient:
Adhesive collagen
Exfoliating care & moisturizing ingredient:
Fruit acid mixture * - Citrus peel extract - orange peel extract

* Combination vegetable extract-34