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Historical Timeline
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1887 Founded as a cotton trading company in Tokyo.
1906 Commencement of silk thread production.
1936 Debut of 'Savon de Soie', a luxury soap produced from silk.
1937 Entry into the field of cosmetics.
1951 Release of a hydrophilic cold cream.
1958 Establishment of the Comprehensive Research Centre.
1961 Full-scale entry in the cosmetics market with establishment of 14 sales companies throughout Japan.
Start of overseas business operations with launch in Hong Kong.
1962 Establishment of Beauty Research Institute.
1965 Opening of the Paris Laboratory.
1969 Commencement of operations at the Odawara plant.Launches in Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.
1976 Establishment of Kanebo Cosmetics Educational Center.
1979 Launch in Europe with start of sales at the Harrods Department Store in London.
1980 Foundation of Kanebo Cosmetics (Europe) Ltd. Sales expand to Switzerland, France, Germany, and Austria.
1984 Release of LADY 80 BIO LIPSTICK, a hit product incorporating advanced biotechnology.
1986 Exhibition of LADY 80 BIO LIPSTICK, at the Science Museum in London.
1987 Entry into the Chinese market.
1991 Release of long-lasting lipsticks from T'ESTIMO.
A hit product sold 5 million pieces a year.
1997 Expansion to the Middle Eastern markets from Saudi Arabian base.
1998 Odawara plant, Cosmetics Laboratory and Basic Research Laboratory obtain ISO 14001 certification.
1999 Foundation of Kanebo Cosmetics U.S.A. Inc. and Kanebo Cosmetics Italy S.P.A.
2000 Completion of new factory at Shanghai in China. Start of production of AQUA, a brand exclusively for the Chinese market Launch in Bergdorf Goodman, New York.
2001 Establishment of the joint venture company Kanebo Cosmetics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
2003 Business expanded to eight countries in Eastern Europe.
2004 Kanebo Cosmetics Inc. established in May as an independent company after separation from Kanebo Ltd.
2005 Foundation of Kanebo Cosmetics (China) Co., Ltd. Entry into upscale pharmacy distribution in China.
2006 Incorporated into the Kao Group.
2009 Enlargement of Shanghai factory.
Increase of annual production capacity by 150%. Establishment of Kanebo Cosmetics Rus LLC in Russia.
Oversea operation reached 52 countries and areas with entry in Belarus.

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